Between the leader you are and the leader you want to be, there is a field ...
I'll meet you there.

Achieve Your Goals

If you feel stuck in pursuit of your most significant goals, and are unable to pinpoint what is holding you back, perhaps I can help. I help people identify and articulate their truest values and clarify their personal/professional objectives. My clients understand what’s keeping them from achieving their goals, and begin taking charge of the part of themselves responsible for making choices that lead to the outcomes they desire.

Gain Clarity, Take Charge, Make Progress

  • Pinpoint what’s holding you back
  • Take charge of the part of yourself responsible for making choices
  • Take action and make progress toward your value-aligned goals

The power to influence, and be influenced by those with whom we’re transforming, is at the heart of great leadership.

A Surprisingly Simple Approach

  • Discover the obstacles limiting you
  • Dismantle those limiting obstacles
  • Build a more solid foundation upon which to continue creating your life

How Does this Work

We talk. It sounds simple and it is, but nevertheless it is profoundly effective. I have been drawn to this work because I have nearly unlimited curiosity about the different ways people hold themselves back from realizing their truest objectives. I have come to understand that each of us constructs our own obstacles. This is a source of hope: what we’ve built we can dismantle, removing constraints and becoming more authentic; we can build better lives and careers on a more solid foundation.

My Qualifications

I have spent the past fifteen years deeply engaged with the question, “In what ways do we block ourselves from achieving our most important personal and professional goals, and how do we clear the way to realize them?” That experience, plus my developed instinct for asking effective questions, has allowed me to help many people learn to enter that which they have avoided and draw unprecedented meaning and satisfaction into their lives as a result.