As a leader, what’s the one key attribute you share with this guy?

If you’re a leader and you’ve also enjoyed the Michael Scott character from TV’s ‘The Office’, you may have privately taken comfort in reassuring yourself that whatever your shortcomings might be as a leader, at least you’re not him. However, if you’re in any position of leadership, no matter your level of skill and or experience, you already share what I would consider to be his core defining attribute, which is lack of self-awareness. This is because no matter how self-aware we believe ourselves to be, nobody is 100% transparent to themselves. As such, we all must inevitably act out what we don’t yet understand about ourselves in our physical enviroment and, just like our beloved Michael Scott, those we’re leading will inevitably find themselves occupying front row seats as we blindly stumble about, acting out what we cannot see in ourselves. This is why the show is so humorous and so cringy at the same time, because we know this to be true not only for the “World’s Best Boss” but for us as well.