If you feel you were meant to do more with your life, it’s because you are.

Can I Help You?

If you’re finding yourself in the same unfulfilling situations in your professional and personal life, repeating patterns that do not result in satisfying outcomes, or want to work toward realizing your highest aims but can’t seem to get started or are only inching along, maybe I can help. I work with people weighed down by the sense of not living in accord with their most authentic selves. If you’re not satisfied with how you’re engaging with your work and you wish to express more of who you are in what you do, consider this: I help clients understand what’s preventing them from realizing their greatest aspirations and take the necessary steps to confront the things they’re avoiding, and discover more about who they are, what they want, and how to get it.

Where I'm Coming From

  • I’ve successfully worked with business leaders, professionals, and individuals
  • I apply the same techniques and practices to my own life and business
  • I’m a business leader myself

Dream Big – Go Bold

The people who have found my help most valuable are open to discovering new things about their lives, and are willing to take responsibility for the choices they make. They are often the people others look to for help and leadership but feel they, themselves, would benefit from the same kind of support. They’re people who know they want and need something more but don’t always know what that is or, if they do know, need help taking the steps to achieve it. They are sometimes people who no longer know what they’re aiming at and feel dissatisfied with their life, their job, their relationship, and need help uncovering their most meaningful aspirations and aligning their lives appropriately to achieve them.

Get More Useful Answers

The world does not lack for  inspiring books, seminars, and courses devoted to helping people build their businesses or succeed in other ways. Yet many people who feel a need to be more successful find themselves not taking full advantage of such resources. Why? What’s stopping them? The surface reasons that may occur to you are probably not the most useful answers. Every leader feels too busy at times, feels overloaded by the need to continually put out fires, and feels the lack of support, but those aren’t the whole story. I help clients see what’s really standing in their way, and then assist them in creating a clear path to achieve their goals.

"Move beyond a life that’s 'good enough' to the life you were meant to live."