We’ll use a straightforward method to achieve profound benefits.

How Does this Work

The easiest way to learn how this works is to try it for yourself. I offer anyone interested a 90-minute exploratory conversation at no charge. If we both come away feeling this time was well spent, we may go forward. In time, these conversations lead clients into unexplored terrain, where they find surprising new insights and opportunities. When clients engage meaningfully in regular sessions (usually twice a month), they begin to dramatically transform their lives, for the better, from the inside out.

Schedule a 90-minute exploratory conversation at no charge.

A Guided Journey Through New Territory

In our society there’s an odd but common misconception that by the time we’re through our 20’s, we should have a solid idea about who we are and what we want in life, and be well on our way to achieving it. However, we don’t often consider that these goals don’t only come from our own thoughts, feelings, and desires; they are heavily influenced by society, our parents, our teachers, and even our friends. Even if we do have these things figured out by the the time we’re 30, it’s natural for our desires to change as we continue to learn and grow through our 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, and beyond. I walk along side my clients as they explore and reevaluate who they are and where they want to go. I am deeply engaged in this process for myself, which fuels my own need to understand its diverse manifestations in others. I consider myself, and am honored to be, a guide through territory where I spend a lot of time, which I also find to be largely unfamiliar to many others.

We’ll Go Deeper to See Further

A typical session lasts about 90 minutes. My genuine interest in my clients, and in who they are and what they are challenged by, naturally lends itself to my asking penetrating questions and paying special attention to the answers provided. They are, of course, personally informative but also reveal areas of the subconscious mind that, when unpacked, result in new discoveries about how a person thinks, feels, and behaves. 

“If you feel you were meant to do more with your life, it’s because you are.”

The path to your unique leadership genius will largely be realized by integrating the elements of your personality you ordinarily attempt to conceal from others. I’m referring to those involuntary idiosyncrasies you fear will make you look weak, foolish, incompetent, etc. In truth, these are some of the aspects of you that are the most authentic, the most lovable. It is by going into these doorways of learning, not by continuing to avoid them, that this potential will be actualized from within. Though seemingly counterintuitive, learning to embrace these misunderstood qualities will propel you toward ever-greater levels of self-sustained awareness and wholeness.

Leadering Executive Peer Groups: Benefits

  • Greater personal discipline and self-control
  • Heightened ability to make better decisions and achieve desired outcomes
  • Increased awareness, focus, and self-confidence

Another Approach: Leadering Executive Peer Groups

Another option for working with me would be to explore the possibility of joining a Leadering Executive Peer Group. LEPG consist of a network of independent, executive peer cohorts comprised of 4 non-competing business leaders and a facilitator who are actively working on living and leading with increased awareness, discernment, focus, and ability to manifest outcomes of our choosing. These peer groups exist to facilitate deeper self-learning, the practice of centered presence, and provide support for leaders who wish to explore and embody greater degrees of self-mastery and intention manifestation, as well as, continuing to grow into the powerful and distinctive styles of leadership that naturally result from doing ongoing inner work.