We’ll use a simple and straightforward method but the benefits will be profound.

It Begins with a Conversation

The easiest way to learn how this works is to try it for yourself. I offer anyone interested an exploratory conversation at no charge. If we both come away feeling that this is time well spent, we may go forward. In time, these conversations are likely to lead you into unexplored terrain, where you will find surprising new insights and opportunities. If you engage meaningfully with them, you will begin to transform your life from the inside out.
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John Doe

A Guided Journey Through New Territory

I am deeply engaged in this process for myself, which fuels my own need to understand its diverse manifestations in others. I envision myself as a guide through territory where I spend a lot of time, which I also find to be largely unfamiliar to many others.

We’ll Go Deeper to See Further

Typically, a conversation lasts about 90 minutes. My innate curiosity demands that I ask penetrating questions and listen carefully to the answers, which, in turn, leads to ever-deeper questions and further opportunities to listen and satisfy my ongoing curiosity. I also have a podcast, where I share examples of less invasive conversations with clients, specifically those in leadership positions. If you’d like to hear what it’s like before trying it for yourself, my podcast is called Leadering.

Vistage Benefits

  • Problem-solve with your peers
  • Network outside your current circle
  • Increase resilience, confidence, and overall performance

Another Approach: My Vistage Group

Another option would be to explore the possibility of joining my Vistage group. I bring together non-competitive CEOs and owners of small ($1M – $20M revenue) businesses to help each other cultivate higher overall performance. Vistage groups are active around the world, each chaired by someone with a track record of sustained C-level success, and trained to facilitate this process. I’m a Vistage Peer Advisory Board Chair in the greater Seattle area; my group provides peer support from people who understand first hand your leadership challenges. If this model piques your interest, consider exploring the possibility of becoming a member of my Vistage group.