Your journey is my journey.

My Background

My essential qualification isn’t a credential, it’s the arc of my own life. I aimed myself at what society commonly considers the path to success, security, and happiness. I swiftly climbed the corporate ladder and found myself serving as COO of a successful debt brokerage by the time I was 31. Though I was told this path would lead to happiness, I found myself unchallenged and unfulfilled and made the decision to step away from the corporate world and convert my assets into cash. I then spent the next 8 years in pursuit of a life that I found more meaningful and personally fulfilling.

Leading by Following (The Heart)

I have continued to put myself in circumstances that force me out of my head (comfort zone), into a state of trust, and into better alignment with the guidance of my heart. Paying more attention to the heart and less attention to the chatter of the mind assists me in taking a radical level of responsibility for what I think, say, and do. My perspective has shifted from blaming other people, the powers that be, or my circumstances to asking, ‘Why does this upset me?’, ‘Why am I so triggered?’, “What feeling is this provoking in me and where is it coming from?” Without a doubt, this has been the single most important factor in my own continual journey of self-discovery. Following my heart is a daily practice and I’m able to help others turn their attention in the only direction they have any power to change.

A Path Unique to You

I am grateful to have discovered, and have the opportunity to continually develop, a few natural talents that make me well suited for the work I do. I am deeply curious and my curiosity is what inspires me. It is powerful and pulls me forward in my daily life, pulls me into subjects that interest me, and pulls me toward people and their life experiences. Because of this, I ask penetrating questions; not to persuade or influence but to discover and uncover. And then, I listen. It is effortless for me to hold space for people and be actively present as they turn inward and dig deeply when contemplating and, at times, wrestling with answering questions. In the process, people discover more of who they are and, subsequently, what their highest priorities and aims are in life.

“Fully embracing the path, your path, the only path there is – is its own reward.”