Your journey is my journey.

I am Living This

My essential qualification isn’t a credential, it’s the arc of my own life. I spent my early adulthood in pursuit of maximum financial security, and was the well-compensated COO of a medium-sized debt brokerage firm by my early 30s. Ultimately, I did not find the work sufficiently satisfying, and finally decided to let it go, and face my deepest, unexamined fear: poverty. As such, I converted my assets into cash for living expenses, and spent it down in pursuit of a better understanding of myself, and how I might live a better life.

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John Doe

The Power of Endless Curiosity

The most important thing I learned was to trust my curiosity–to let awareness of what I found interesting guide my choices, rather than trying to force myself to serve some theoretically rational goal. This has made all the difference. My curiosity has led me to other people who were on (or might soon be on) a journey like my own. Nothing interests me as much as learning about what’s frustrating them and then helping them discover and clear their own obstacles.

I Can Help You Find Your Way

It turns out, fortunately, that I have something of a gift for asking great questions. I have no “scripts” for this, as it flows directly from my inexhaustible curiosity about each person’s unique challenges. What I’ve learned on my own journey is available to help you, and everything I learn from you simultaneously helps me. I feel very fortunate to have found my way into this work. I can help you find your way, too.